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  Mirage - Overview

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Click Here to read the March 2011 FLYING magazine cover story on the Piper Mirage.

Combining the comfort and safety of cabin pressurization with the economy of a piston engine, the 6-place Piper Mirage gives you great flexibility when planning your missions.  If headwinds are a factor at higher altitudes, you can fly lower without the concern of increased fuel burn and less range.  And you can take advantage of a strong tail wind at higher altitudes, in the comfort that only a pressurized cabin can provide.

In addition to increased flexibility with cabin pressurization, is the increased physical comfort and safety.  Flying all day inside a Piper Mirage with cabin altitudes kept at 5,000 ft or less ensures arriving at your destination alert and ready for business or pleasure.

213 ktas, 1345 nm at long range cruise.  25,000 ft operating altitude.  5.5 PSI. Cabin Pressurization. Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) approved.  The Piper Mirage is the complete package for pilots facing the challenges of operating in areas where weather is inclement or the terrain inhospitable at lower altitudes.

Mirage - Overview

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