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  Seneca - Overview

Welcome to the Seneca V

Some missions require the reliability and redundancy of a twin-engine airplane.  If a significant amount of your flying is over mountains, at night, over water or inhospitable terrain, consider the peace of mind the Piper Seneca V provides.  Or, you might be at the point in your flying career where you aspire to the challenges of operating a multi-engine airplane.  If these scenarios describe your flying, the Piper Seneca V should be your plane.

The Piper Seneca V is also a proven performer in the air taxi and on-demand charter business. Thousands of Piper Seneca's are in operation worldwide providing safe, reliable business travel to those who need to be at remote locations not normally serviced by the airlines. The configuration of numerous entry and baggage doors with the comfort of a cabin-class interior makes the Piper Seneca V the perfect business tool.

197 ktas maximum cruise speed. 828 nm at long range power settings. 25,000 ft. operating altitude. The Piper Seneca V gives you the performance you need to provide safe, comfortable personal transportation or business travel to paying customers.

Seneca - Overview

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